Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Big Step Forward ....

Ken is doing well, even tho we see the disease marching on. Many days we laughingly say, "Thank God for drugs!" Meds help with mobility and pain issues ... but we've discovered along the way that Ken's significant tremor has never responded well to meds and always, in the back of our minds, is the knowledge that meds create their own set of problems..... so ultimately, Deep Brain Stimulation surgery is the best answer.
Over the past few months, we've taken the time to regroup and prepare ourselves for the process ahead. We've surrounded ourselves with good people and good advice. We've been researching DBS, working on insurance issues and spending time with our family. We find ourselves at the beginning of this new year working hard to keep our business going strong - -which keeps us very busy. Ken used to work ALL the time, now he likes to say he only works half-days -- we're just not sure which 12 hours that is!
Seriously ..... he's found he's unable to work with the intensity, and multi-tasking that he's been used to all his life. Fatigue and exhaustion frequently get the best of him, but rarely his attitude. We're really thankful for that. Thru it all we are optimistic and feel blessed to be where we are in our lives.

Since we're self-employed and Ken is the sole producer, the future of our business is really unknown. Around the time of the surgery, we anticipate a significant 'down-time' ..... even with a succesful surgery.

We have so many wonderful friends and many of you have expressed a desire to "make a difference" in helping us reach our goal of DBS surgery. Well ..... we're excited to tell you that two very amazing ladies, Linda Plummer & Abbie Cesena, have pulled together a bunch of other amazing people, some of whom are close friends and some we barely know, and they're ALL planning what we know will be a very FUN, very EXCITING fund-raiser to be held in May ---- so mark your calendars for May 13/14/15 and watch this blog for the GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT!!!