Sunday, November 13, 2011


Many, (many) years ago I played a lot of Racquetball. Charlie Brumfield's name comes to mind for those of you who like to time travel...

I remember when I got a new Ektelon composite 250G racquet.  I didn't realize how great that racquet was until one day I forgot it at home and had to play with my old racquet.  What a difference!

Two years ago, today, - at 9pm - I was in the recovery room with my wife and daughters after having brain surgery at Stanford Medical Center.  The nurse had just given me some "night, night, sleep tight" meds and Beckie and the girls were getting ready to go back to the hotel.  Tomorrow I would go home with Zippers on my bald head (check out the photo)  They call it, Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery.

Today is November 13th, 2011.   A few minutes ago, Beckie came running up to me with a great big smile and said, "Happy Anniversary".  My first thought was, "we got married in May."  She looked at me quizically and repeated: "Happy Anniversary".  I'm thinking,  "what's today?  what's the date?'  She repeated again, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!   It's November 13th - two years ago... your surgery!"  Sherlock Holmes I am not.  Probably closer to Dragnet:  remember the theme song (you have to kind of hum it),  'Dum, de dum dum... dum de dum dum, dumb!'

It's just like the new racquet scenario.  It's easy to forget about the old racquet when you play everyday with the new one.  In spite of the challenges I face today,  DBS changed my life.  I don't shake - and haven't had any tremor on my right side for TWO years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - everybody who helped make this possible.

I love my battery operated brain... Two years and counting.
Life is Great!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Talk to Me, Please!

Yesterday, I ran into a friend I hadn't see for months.  She mentioned that she had been following my (this) blog.  I realized that there are many people I don't know who are reading. 

I'd really like to know who you are -  if you're following my journey.  (It would highly motivate me to post more often.)  I don't fully understand how the system works, so, if you are unable to post a comment here, go directly to my personal email and let me know:

Thanks a Bunch and thanks for caring. Sometimes the road can be lonely.
Kenny Wayne