Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ken has gone from this:
Only 15 days after his DBS surgery (and they Re-Opened those incisions 10 days ago when they implanted the neurostimulator!!)
Isn't the body an amazing instrument --- it boggles our minds !! And medical science is even more of a mystery..... and we're thankful for every medical miracle!!
Ken is doing GREAT!!!! We've been pretty quiet over the holiday - what with a trip to Stanford the day before Thanksgiving -- and he gets tired more quickly than usual, but that's normal after any kind of surgery. His Docs gave him a 'thumbs-up' on Wednesday --- so now we just wait till Dec 14/15, when he returns to Stanford for his first neuro-stimulator programming --- HE CAN'T WAIT!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a bird...its'a wait.... it's

Kenny Wayne with his SuperMan T-shirt!!! The 2nd surgery (on Wed 11/18, to implant the neurostimulator and wires) went so smoothly, we can barely believe it happened!! Ken was released about 2 pm & immediately was ready to eat. Our girls had told us there was a "Sprinkles" @ the Stanford Mall so we headed there to celebrate --- Ken got a Black & White -- me, the Red Velvet standard :).

I had fully expected 3 more days of zzzzzzzzzzz, just like after the brain surgery on Friday --- but amazingly, Ken was energized & feelin' great --- good enough to have a late lunch @ Max's Opera Cafe (we saved the Sprinkles for later!!) Interesting choice for our celebratory lunch --- we've celebrated MANY family birthdays @ the Max's Sacramento location before it's demise.... so we felt right @ home toasting to the completion of surgery @ Max's.
We've decided that maybe our grandson, Leo, will have to start calling Ken, "Grampa Zip" (since his tonsorial scars look like zippers right now!!!)
He has to keep those incisions open to the air for complete healing -- so get used to seeing him like this!!

Ken has been able to reduce his use of Parkinsons Meds by 1/2 since last Friday --- a phenomenon referred to as the "honeymoon period", seen fairly often after the brain surgery, that can last 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months!!! When you're used to scheduling & taking 20+ pills a day, that's quite a reduction! and a blessing... of course, once the neurostimulator is 'turned on', our expectation is that Ken will be able to reduce his dependance on the PD meds even more.
Wanted to include a couple pics of our time @ Stanford --- just for general interest.... this was the look Ken sported after the titanium screws were inserted last Thursday (11/12)... we tried to get a picture of Leo with a 'matching' "hat" made out of TP -- but he wasn't havin' any of that!!!

For all you 'analyticals' --- these are 2 of the 5 (!!) screws Ken had inserted in his skull prior to the CT Scan for GPS coordinates (and the headwrap) ..... yikes!!

The **3 Musketeers** -- SAMUEL (son-in-law/O.R. grip/medical afficionado) ANDREW(friend/business associate/videographer) and KENNYWAYNE (patient) -- tippin' the *Bux

Who's that handsome DOCTOR???!!!! that's our son-in-law, Sam --- but that's the wrong daughter on his arm!!! We were so glad Sam had the opportunity to be in the O.R. --- he was jazzed!!! And the most fun thing was everybody mistook him for one of the docs!!!! at 6'6"... he can be pretty impressive!

We are so thankful for the amazing way that God has carried us thru this time of surgeries --- it is directly due to the prayers of many on our behalf.

Now for several weeks of healing & letting Ken's brain settle back down.... next week a post-op appt @ Stanford --- the day before Thanksgiving.... we DO have much to be thankful for don't we?? Sometime mid-December he'll head back down to Stanford to his first 'turn-on' of the neuro-stimulator and programming will begin...... exciting times.

Thanks for stayin' on the journey with us --- when you check back in, you might even get to see snippets of video from the O.R ......

I PROMISE --nothing too gross!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


BACK to Stanford this afternoon -- 2nd part of surgery tomorrow (wed) --- Ken will have an Internal Pulse Generator implanted just under his right collarbone & the attached 'wires' will be tunneled up the side of his neck to connect to 'leads' right behind his right ear.... probably gonna be pretty sore for a while....

He's doing great from Friday's surgery --- but I do have to say that anticipating ANOTHER surgery in this short period of time is a little daunting.... we are in great hands @ Stanford and in God's hands .....

I had hoped to post some pics from the big event --- but that will have to wait till this weekend.

Life is good. Ken hasn't gone back on his full regimen of Parkinsons meds -- hasn't really needed them..... yay!!!

Hey ... did I mention we were able to videotape the DBS surgery!!!!!! Our friend (and videographer) Andrew, and our son-in-law, Sam, were in the OR taping the whole time!!! We're taking orders for copies!!! (just kidding)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday 11/16 .. 3 days post-DBS

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... well, up till today, that's pretty much what's been going on around our house.... which is a good thing - if you've had brain surgery!
Ken's been awake & doin' computer 'stuff' for the last 2 hours.... amazing, since he's barely been awake longer than 15-20 minutes at a time since surgery on Friday.
He looks GREAT !!
I was thinking this morning how thankful I am that our 'quiet' life lends itself to providing opportunity to recuperate in the ways that have been important for us, these last couple days.
Hard to believe that tomorrow we head back to Stanford for round #2!!

Saturday--headed home

Our good friends, Rich & Tara, drove down Saturday morning to Stanford to meet us & bring us back home. What wonderful friends, huh?

Ken was READY to go home --- there's no place like home, right? Saying good-bye to our kids & grandson was, of course, bitter-sweet -- but Leo gave grampa some gum & a kiss, and we were on our way. So thankful they were able to be with us -- good for them - good for us...there's no way we'd be able to really recount all that happened those several days.

Ken slept all the way home -- it was a beautiful, crisp fall day. I was able to enjoy being a passenger and not have to 'battle' any traffic. I had been vasillating (feeling 'guilty') about asking to have someone drive ALL THE WAY to Stanford and then turn right around and drive back home. Realized on that return trip, how thankful I was that I went with my gut feeling and kept our plans in place ... it gave me quiet time and an opportunity to pull my head together before we got home.... not to mention, that Rich & Tara unloaded the WHOLE car and brought everything inside for us .... not a small task!

Friday, November 13, 2009


What a momentous day for us --- Ken is resting soundly after successful Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery ...... next time you see him, you'll notice some new bumps and significant scars on his head, but hopefully, you'll also notice a huge improvement in his Parkinson's symptoms!! (That will come gradually, as Ken returns to Stanford once a month for programming, starting in December)

Ken & I were blessed to have our daughters, one of our sons-in-law, our grandson, and Ken's sister, Robin, join us for the last couple days here... It was so good for us to be together as a family during this intense time. (son-in-law #2 and the rest of our famliy were with us in spirit --- boy, were the text messages flying!!) They all travel home tomorrow, after Ken is released to go home -- probably around noon.

Thank you all for your well-wishes and especially your prayers on our behalf.... we know that's what makes the difference in our ability to handle, with grace, each situation that came our way these 4 days @ Stanford.

We are so VERY thankful for you and your on-going love & concern for us.

May you have a Wonderful, Blessed week-end....

Next Wednesday --- Ken has his Internal Pulse Generator implanted!

Keep us in your prayers --- these next two weeks will be a time of healing.

We'll keep you posted!

Ken & Beckie